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Farm fellowship

Allegheny Mountain Institute believes in the power of food to build vibrant, healthy communities. 


AMI’s tuition-free Farm Fellowship is designed for individuals interested in rural agriculture and sustainable farming. Participants live and work on a Certified Naturally Grown farm, study and practice cottage industry skills, and distribute fresh produce to a remote, but lively, Appalachian community. From May 1 to October 27, 2023, Fellows build a wide variety of practical farming skills through hands-on farm time and experiential learning, complemented by weekly educational and skills development sessions.

Educational scholarships to all selected Fellows includes a $1,700 monthly stipend, along with housing, farm-fresh vegetables and farm products, and a group pantry budget. Additional need-based scholarships are available for travel and gear expenses.


Applications for the 2023 season have closed. Email us to get a reminder for next year's Fellowship!

Fellowship Goals

Grow Food

Fellows gain hands-on experience from farm to fork, learning to grow, harvest, and cook what they eat on a small market-style farm. In addition to vegetable gardening, Fellows learn the basics of poultry care, rotational grazing, mushroom cultivation, beekeeping, herbalism, fruit cultivation, and food preservation.

Build Community

Fellows contribute to a living-learning community and work to provide access to fresh food to the neighboring community, through both consumer sales and community donations to those in need.

Phase I

About the Fellowship

From May 1 through October 27, AMI sponsors a cohort of passionate individuals to learn, live, and study together on the Allegheny Farm in rural Highland County, VA. Fellows gain a full season of hands-on, diversified experience in intensive vegetable production on a Certified Naturally Grown farm. In addition, Fellows learn and participate in food preservation, poultry care and processing, rotational grazing, mushroom cultivation, beekeeping, herbalism, fruit cultivation, and business skills. Fellows are directly involved with food distribution and sales via Farmers Market participation, a Community Supported Agriculture program, and food donations. Daily experiential learning is augmented by weekly workshops and field trips led by passionate, experienced staff and topical experts.  

Fellows spend up to 40 hours per week farming and up to 10 hours participating in educational activities on the farm in a typical week, with occasional weekend commitments for chores and AMI events. Fellows receive a $1,700 monthly stipend, 6 days of personal leave, and 3 holidays. AMI provides accident insurance coverage.


Want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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