20% of the harvest from the Allegheny Farm is donated to Word of Faith Food Pantry and other locations.


AMI also helps manage the Little Switzerland Seed Library and Highland County Public School Garden.

Find us at the Highland Farmers Market
In season on Fridays from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
61 Highland Center Drive Monterey, Virginia


AMI sells vegetables offers CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares from late June through early October each year.

Each week, members will receive a box full of the best of our harvest from the Mountain Farm. Shares may be purchased with a one-time payment of $375 for 15 weeks of fresh vegetables grown using organic practices ($25 per box). Shares are distributed at the Highland County Farmers’ Market. 

2021 CSA Shares will be advertised soon.

CSA Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSA? What’s the point?

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a mutually beneficial partnership between farmers and the community. CSA members buy a full season’s subscription and receive weekly shares in the form of a box of freshly harvested veggies. By purchasing a subscription at the beginning of the growing season, members greatly help to offset initial costs to farmers. Investing in AMI’s CSA allows the community to support the local economy, while enjoying a bountiful harvest. 


What is the cost?

This year we are offering a 15-week plan, which will run from June 26 to October 2. Each weekly share costs $25, with the total season cost of $375. The $25 share includes (at least!). 


Where do I pick up my box of fresh veggies?

Weekly boxes are available to pick up at AMI’s table at the Highland County Farmers Market from 3:30-6 on Fridays. The pick-up protocol will follow the social distancing guidelines set by the Farmers Market. If you are away or unable to pick up your box, you are welcome to send a family member or friend in your place. We would also be happy to donate your box to the community if you are unable to pick it up. 


What is included in a share?

We strive to provide variety in every box, and also to give our members a taste of crops at the height of their season. Every box will look different, but we aim to include an herb and salad greens in each box, as they have proven to be especially popular with past members. Below are samplings from our 2019 season to give a better idea of what members can expect in a box at different times in our growing season: 

CSA Box 7/12/2019   Value=$25

 CSA Box 9/20/2019   Value=$27

How many people does one share feed?

Our goal is to provide enough of each vegetable to serve at least two people, but often there is enough for three or four servings. 


What if I don’t like a selection in my box? Can produce be swapped?

At this time, we cannot allow swaps based on taste preferences. That being said, we are always open to feedback and try to choose our selections (and planting) based on what CSA members most enjoy. One benefit of becoming a member is to introduce yourself and your family to vegetables you might be less familiar with. In every box we will provide storage and preparation information for less common produce included, as well as a recipe of the week. Members are always welcome to contact us for more information on how to enjoy our vegetables by calling 540-468-2300 or emailing lola@amifellows.org

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