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A Season In Photos

Shannon Mathews

Mustard still covers much of our garden's ground in December, growing tastier with every frost, and I find myself overwhelmed with recalling the past year's experiences. I've never been good at specifics when sharing such a full and multi-layered experience and tend to get all philosophical and poetic. I’d like to spare that side of myself, and share with you a few moments from this season in a way that much of our communication is done in the garden - through the directness of photographs.

Every garden has a unique personality, because of the people who cultivate it.

The farm and gardens are a place to get to know each other

They are a place to work hard and learn together.

They are a place to eat vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables!

The market is a place for exotic foods, games, and madness of all sorts.

And, this time of year is a time to watch flowers fall and appreciate the seeds that they leave with us.

Whoops, those doggone metaphors got me wrapped around their sappy fingers.

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