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Community Action Year Survival Guide: Pandemic Edition

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

By Georgia Meyer, Community Fellow

While the Community Action Year provides ample opportunity to lean into your respective placements, it is imperative to find a good work-life balance. Here are some fun tips and tricks to ensure you will thrive during your year of action—even if faced with a global pandemic.

No. 1. Learn an instrument (or pick up an old one!)

Although your marching band days are over, music is a lifelong hobby. I myself have been trying my hand at the banjo and learning old-time fiddle tunes. Note: it is important to get a mute if you find yourself living in close proximity with others.

No. 2. Get a puppy

Stuck working remotely for weeks on end? Fear not! A puppy will provide a wealth of responsibility and entertainment. It also gives you an even greater incentive to explore the numerous hiking trails nearby! Some area favorites include White Rock Falls, Ramsey’s Draft, and Elliot’s Knob.

A new addition to the household.

No. 3. Live and work with the same people

Living and working with your fellow Fellows provides you with a built-in pandemic bubble. As always, open communication and a shared sense of responsibility are key to domestic bliss. (Disregard No. 2 if this is a priority).

Roommates, Coworkers and Friends!

No 4. Safely spend time with those not in your pandemic bubble

Between working and living together, odds are you will get pretty close with your roommates. Spending time with others ensures that you’ll have stuff to talk about other than work when you get home, and –more importantly- gives you the community that you’ll need if you end up staying in the area after the Fellowship.

No. 5. Socially-distanced volunteering

Last but not least, giving back to your community during times of stress is an excellent way to spend your spare time. I recommend Central Food Pantry or Staunton’s Local Food Drive-Thru.

Some AMI folks at the Drive-Thru.

Bonus Tips:

-Make gallons of fire cider and bone broth

-Roller skate

-Befriend Kayla MacLachlan at Newtown Baking

-Really get into home decorating

-Take a Covid-safe pottery class at Make Waynesboro Clay Studios

-Take care of your ferments as if they were your own children

-Experiment with natural dyes

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