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Ode to Projects in the Works

By Hannah Dorrel, Phase I Fellow

Oh glorious are the works in progress

Those dreams and wishes we hope to harness.

Pieces picked up and attempted in a frenzied fervor

Still in limbo as we say “I’ll get around to it.”

Here’s to the natural world- honeybees, elderberry, and reishi

Which provides bounty for tinctures, teas, lotions, and potions

Sitting on the pantry shelf

Where time is the most abundant ingredient, naturally.

Holed up for a rainy day,

Out comes the embroidery hoops, watercolors, niche board games,

And books purely about farming of course,

What else would we be reading?

Wonders upon wonders,

Who could forget about mushrooms?

Weekend after weekend new treasures abound,

Just make sure to leave the Stinkhorn right where you found it,

If you know what’s good for you.

And to the everyday works in progress,

Rotations of chicken, cows, and Fellows - oh my!

Capstones running amuck

Much like Belinda, our chicken who wants to be a duck.

If I had a penny for every time someone started a new project,

I would be rich!

(Okay, I’d have like 27 cents)

But cheers to the mountain

Almost daunting with projects to explore,

Yet what a wondrous place to peruse the extraordinary.

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