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Phase I, Round II

By Matt Hansen, Phase II Fellow

At this point last year, I expected my time on the mountain to expire at the end of October. I didn’t think that I’d get to live the whole experience again, this time from the perspective of the “mountain mom.”

This time around, Lola and I get to be a part of all of the work that goes into making the Fellowship such a special experience. From managing the gardens and livestock, to coordinating and leading the educational sessions, we’ve had a lot to keep us busy - to say the least.

As we’re nearing the end of week 8, it seems like this year is going by even faster than the last one! Today, I’m taking some time to slow down and appreciate the things that make living on the mountain so great.

1. The morning commute - The walk back up is less ideal.

2. Wanders in the woods - You never know what (or who) you’ll find out there.

3. Lunch table conversations - One end of the table discussing how to build a more equitable food system and the other in a heated debate about whether a hot dog is a sandwich, both important conversations in their own right.

4. Pet projects - These oft-neglected projects line the shelves of the lodge. Current number of kombucha jars fermenting on the counter: 6

5. Many hands - There are always more weeds to pull.

6. The gift of life - Baby calves, baby chicks, and even a baby human. Praise be!

7. Mountain top weather - We may not have had a ripe tomato yet, but we also have not had a single case of heat exhaustion.

8. The sauna - For when the mountain weather doesn’t meet the need to sweat. Also a prime destination for snake enthusiasts!

9. Pizza Fridays - This sacred tradition lives on.

10. Another awesome cohort - If farming doesn’t work out, at least they all have modeling careers to fall back on.

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