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Seasoned Fellows

By Freddy Carruth, Phase I Fellow

We are into our seventh week on “the mountain,” learning, working, and living together. Our schedules have become more complete since our first weeks. Through some of these changes, I feel I have officially become a part of the AMI team. We have had the opportunity to visit the town of Monterey many times now, where we run into friends and meet new ones every time.

Although I am still learning every day, I have become accustomed to tasks and schedules that we started with at the beginning of our Fellowship. For instance, I had never cooked for a group of more than four before I came to AMI. Now, a group of ten seems so normal. In addition to acclimating to the cooking size, we have moved our lunch meals to the garden whenever the sun is out.

Lately, we have been putting together our own schedules for cooking and we’ve also signed up for when we will participate in the Farmers Market and Summer School Garden Program in Monterey. The first Farmers Market where I will manage the stand will be this Friday and I am both nervous and excited to meet more of the community. I have already been to one of the Farmers Market where we had a potluck with community members and it was excellent.

I have never lived in such a small community where I can always run into neighbors and friendly faces. I’m enjoying going to other community events, such as the Strut Your Mutt run, a beautiful day, even if it was slightly overcast. Its fun to see the community out and about and I look forward to more events in the community.

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