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To Fall in Love with A Mountain

By Elora Overbey, Phase I Fellow

Thirty days is not a long time.

But in these thirty days we’ve found time to be immersed in workshops on permaculture, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, foraging, hardscaping, team leadership, knife skills, and outdoor education…

…time to hunt ramps, harvest shitakes, cook morel pizza, roast asparagus, preserve spruce tips, discover the art of sourdough, and brew kombucha.

…time to watch the stars spill from sky and the moonlight drip through the tree branches and down the mountain.

…time for eight total strangers to bridge the gap between themselves and build the beginnings of deep relationships.

…time to develop a personal vendetta against a wiry running grass, convince 24 chickens you are their fearless leader, construct a hoop house, and start the millions of seeds that will feed us through the summer, the fall, and jump start next year’s fellows on their adventure.

…time to discover the way the wind sounds like an ocean wave as it crashes and moves across the mountain; stumble upon hillsides of nettles, reishi mushrooms, moss gardens, newts, turkeys, and crystal springs bubbling to the surface (and occasionally from beneath the chicken coop).

…time to feel grounded into this place, embrace what this intensive experience may bring, and hone my focus on what I’m here to learn.

Thirty days is more than enough time to fall in love with a mountain.

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