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Farm & Food Study Scholarship

While AMI offers a tuition-free and paid Fellowship, additional financial responsibilities can prevent individuals from participating. This scholarship is intended to offset personal expenses incurred during the Farm and Food Study for those with demonstrated financial need. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color applicants are given preference in recognition of the ways systemic racism causes the active exclusion of BIPOC individuals from farming education, land access, and wealth-building opportunities. 
In recognition that funding is limited to $5,000 for 2021, each awardee may receive up to $2,000 in total during the Farm and Food Study period. Average awards are between $500 to $1,000. 

The scholarship is open to all accepted Fellows with demonstrated financial need.
Applicants must complete this application form by February 7 at the end of the day.

Awards will be determined by an AMI committee. AMI will distribute awards taking into account demonstration of need, the impact of funds, and the total number of applicants.
AMI recognizes that award amounts may determine an accepted Fellow’s ability to participate. Therefore, an accepted applicant can wait to confirm participation in the Fellowship until they receive notification of the scholarship award amount. Typically, awards will be distributed to Fellows in two installments, one at the start of the Fellowship and one at the mid-way point. A mid-Fellowship review will determine a Fellow’s ability to continue participating in the Fellowship. In the event that AMI determines a Fellow not fit to continue, they would not be eligible to receive the second installment of their scholarship. Fellows who choose to leave the Fellowship will not be eligible to receive the remainder of their award. 

Demonstration of Need / Reporting
AMI recognizes that requiring a quantifiable demonstration of financial burdens can be a significant barrier to reaching those who could truly benefit from financial assistance. For this reason, AMI does not require any documented proof of need.  Likewise, AMI trusts that awarded Fellows will use their funds prudently. AMI does not require receipts.

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