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2021 Farm and Food Study Capstones

Learn more about the 2021-2022 Fellow's culminating projects below!

Missed the presentations? Watch the recording here, view the slides, or dive deeper in the guides below.

2021-2022 Capstone Presentations_Compressed
Download PDF • 6.93MB

Salt Curing and Smoking: A Resource Guide on Meat Preservation

Grant Higginbotham - New Orleans, LA · Lyla Amini - Saint Paul, MN

People have been preserving meat in myriad ways for millennia - both for sustenance and as a cultural practice. While meat can be preserved in virtually every way possible - dried, smoked, frozen, fermented, pickled, cured, canned, and preserved in honey or sugar - this capstone explores two methods of beef and lamb preservation: salt curing and smoking. A break from the largely vegetarian diet at AMI, this project creates the context to explore and learn more about the history of meat consumption and preservation that runs long and deep in the region.

GH and LA_Salt Curing and Cold Smoking_ A Resource Guide on Meat Preservation
Download PDF • 2.26MB

Solar Dehydrators: an Extension of Food Preservation and Food Sovereignty

India Fleming-Klink, Richmond, VA · John Pierce, Philadelphia, PA

Food preservation allows the growing season to be extended into cooler months and plays a crucial role in increasing food access and food sovereignty. A solar dehydrator was constructed to provide a low-energy preservation resource and an opportunity for Fellows to learn about food preservation as a practice of food sovereignty.

IFK and JP Solar Dehydrators
Download PDF • 180KB

The Ergonomics of Farming: A Wellness Guide for AMI Fellows

Madeleine Dodge – Denver, CO

Due to the physically demanding nature of farm work, it is important that beginning farmers learn how to safely and efficiently use their bodies. This guide includes detailed descriptions of how to ergonomically perform common farm tasks, as well as stretches and exercises that can be used to prevent injury while out in the field. It also explores the topic of accessibility in farming and presents adaptations for farming practices that support many types of bodies.

MD_The Ergonomics of Farming-compressed
Download PDF • 11.21MB

Making Tofu an AMI Farm Fellow Staple

Olivia Olson - Plymouth, MN

A nutritious high-protein food, tofu is a good meat alternative for vegetarians or those looking to reduce their meat consumption. This project provides a guide of tools, resources, guidance, and recipes for making tofu - as well as different ways to cook it. It aims to make it easier for Farm Fellows to incorporate more tofu into their diet while learning a new skill and reducing plastic waste associated with packaging.

OO_Homemade Tofu Instructions and Recipes-compressed
Download PDF • 2.73MB

Nutrition & Farming

Katerina Mesesan – Los Angeles, CA

Adequate nutrition is necessary to sustain a healthy and active farm lifestyle. This capstone creates a nutrition guide of macro and micronutrients, providing an accurate list of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber of all of the crops produced on the Allegheny Farm. Additionally, it provides a template for nutrition meal planning designed to provide proper nutrition for femme bodies in order to avoid injury, reduce fatigue, and build muscle while farming.

KM_Nutrition Guide Brochure with QR Code
Download PDF • 1.42MB

Welcome to the Neighborhood: An Online Field Guide for Ecoliteracy at AMI

Alex Tone – Annandale, VA

There’s so much to know about the rich social and ecological community surrounding the AMI Village, but many Fellows are unfamiliar with different plant species and regional histories upon arrival. In the form of an online “field guide” to which future Fellows can add and edit, this capstone provides a comprehensive resource for those living at the AMI Village. The guide compiles information on identifying and using local plant species for food and medicine; regional geologic, Indigenous, and social histories; and further resources on plant life through books, websites, and contact information for members of the Highland community. The guide will introduce future Fellows to the vibrant area around AMI and spark their curiosity about the relationships between people, plants, and places.

AT_Field Guide Flyer
Download PDF • 100KB

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