Our mission is to cultivate healthy communities through food and education 


We envision a thriving network of collaborative and vibrant communities who value the connection between food and health.


AMI strives to reach its mission through three interrelated strategies:

  1. We implement an 18-month, tuition-free, experiential Farm and Food System Fellowship that empowers individuals to become leaders in and advocates for a food system that is socially, environmentally, and economically just. 

  2. We support schools, hospitals, and organizations to integrate farming, nutritious vegetables, and related education into their food systems and outreach initiatives.

  3. We participate in regional collaborations to build a strong, equitable and healthy food system.


AMI is committed to following six values in the development of our priorities and in the operations of our organization.


Community: Only by working together can we truly enact change.  We believe in creative collaboration that promotes the resiliency, adaptability, and strength of our communities.  AMI recognizes the collective energy in diverse thought, background, skill, and education as a powerful tool for innovation, leadership, and positive change.


Education: We learn best by “getting our hands dirty” - whether it’s on the farm or in the classroom - action, experience, discovery, and exploration fuel our pedagogy.  We believe that immersive experiences, coupled with reflection, encourage the development of new skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking. 


Environment: By emulating natural systems, we become better stewards of the land, our resources, and our relationships.  Our sustainable farming practices are guided by a deep reverence for the natural world - emphasizing biodiversity while protecting watersheds and replenishing the health and vitality of the precious soils that sustain us.


Equity:  We value a stable food system that provides healthy food for all. Communities and individuals thrive when every person has the opportunity to grow and consume healthy, affordable, and culturally significant foods. By sharing knowledge, expanding local food production, training farmers, and leveraging the impact of institutions, we can infuse equity into the food system.


Health: We believe in the interconnectedness of environmental, personal, and community health.  Healthy soils produce nutrient-dense foods that nourish and sustain us.  Healthy individuals form strong communities that, in turn, prioritize and foster social, economic, and environmental well-being.


Integrity: We lead with honesty, empathy, positivity, and transparency within our organization, in our partnerships and throughout the communities we serve.  We honor those who stewarded the land before us and remain true to our mission to cultivate healthy communities through food and education.