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New Beginnings: 2015 AMI Farm Fellow Edition

By Mandy Henkler

April has come and gone and May has arrived in full force with beautiful skies and warm sunshine. Time has been flying by and I can't believe the 2015 AMI Farm Fellows are finishing their third week already!

The new bunch arrived on Sunday, April 18th and spent the week with host families in Staunton. Each day they would walk over to VSDB and spend the day learning about Permaculture in the classroom and on the AMI Urban Farm at VSDB. By the end of their AMI Farm Fellowship, each fellow will have the opportunity to earn a Permaculture Design Certification.

The week was a great success with lots of budding friendships, delicious food, good conversation and a lot of great knowledge shared.

Here are some pictures of the week to share with you all!

Katie and Anna presenting their Permaculture design on Friday.

Anna and Lindsay with their Permaculture Design.

Some of the fellows on the last day of their Permculture training. --Don't worry Anna, we have you in the group picture later on!

Tapas celebration at Laurie's at the end of the week. It makes me hungry just looking at this again!

Kayla and Aaron working on the finishing touches for the first dinner on the mountain.

Move in day!

Home Sweet Cabin

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